Yes, our full motion simulators are all (FFS) full flight Level D with 6 degrees of freedom of movement and are in current use with both UK and overseas airlines. All of them are zero-hour machines which mean they reproduce accurately the flight characteristics of the individual aircraft type to not require real aircraft time during type rating training.

Our fixed base simulators are (FBS) Level1, and are used by professional airline pilots for Jet Orientation Course (JOC), aircraft handling, procedural training and Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) exercises. They do not move, but by employing high quality visual systems along with vibration devices and audio-visual cuing your brain is tricked into thinking you’re actually moving. It’s not uncommon for the instructor to be asked at the end of the session “what motion platform was in use?” the answer is of course none, it’s all an illusion! – you’re senses have simply been fooled into thinking you were actually moving!